Fifth Annual Scientific Symposium | 24 November 2016

Scientific presentations 

Scientific Session 1

  • Emad M El-Omar: The role of the microbiome in health and disease
  • Ritin Fernandez: Engaging nurses in Evidence-based practice
  • John Myburgh AO: There is no such thing as a negative clinical trial

Scientific Session 2:  Forensic Health

  • Kimberlie Dean: Serious mental illness in prisoners
  • Andrew Lloyd AM: Hepatitis C elimination from Australian prisons
  • Courtney Field: Health on the Inside: Key findings from the Network Patient Health survey of prisoners in NSW

Scientific Session 3 

  • Zoltan Endre: Acute and chronic kidney disease: An introduction
  • Lena Succar: Subclinical chronic kidney disease modifies diagnosis of  acute kidney injury
  • Zoltan Endre: Predicting progression of chronic kidney disease
  • Sradha Kotwal: Acute kidney injury and eAlerts
  • Ian Jacobs: Ovarian cancer screening in the general population

Scientific Session 4 

  • James Mackie: SESLHD Research strategy and how it will embed research into Clinical Services
  • Boon Chua: A vision for the best in cancer: Integration of research, patient care, education and advocacy through collaborative partnerships and alliances