2015 Symposium Presentations

Fourth Annual Scientific Symposium – | 19 November 2015


  • Professor Terry Campbell AM, Deputy Dean, UNSW Medicine
  • Mr Peter Joseph AM, Chairman, The Health-Science Alliance

Vision for Precinct Redevelopment

  • Gerry Marr OBE: Chief Executive, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District
  • Rodney Phillips, Dean UNSW Medicine
  • Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-Chancellor, UNSW Australia

Scientific Session: Gynaecological Cancer

  • Ian Jacobs: Ovarian cancer screening: vain hope or imminent reality?
  • Viola Heinzelman-Schwarz: Not the same disease? Transcriptome and glycome profile comparison of high grade serous ovarian and peritoneal cancer"
  • Neville Hacker AM: Sentinel node biopsy for vulvar cancer. A critical analysis

Scientific Session:  Research in Patient Centred Care

Scientific Session: Primary Care